The academic department is headed by the Director of Studies(D.O.S) and comprises of very able, hardworking and visionary members mentioned below.

 Mr. Khanda Z. Jackson   D.O.S
 Mr. David kamau   Deputy D.O.S in charge of exams


Mr. Simon Kigen
Humphrey Chetambe

Quality and standards
Mr. Elija Ogoti
Mr. Wamalwa Wafula
Mr. Barasa Paul

We work towards a common goal, a common purpose, that of setting high performance standards. In coordination with other departments, we remind our students of hard work, determination and the need for being self driven.

Our Successes
Development of the school’s mission and vision
Setting of smooth running and workable academic programmes
Well streamlined process of exam production (Setting, typing and photo printing)
Computerized exam analysis system
Well supervised exams
Set up of an information corner

As a department, we receive a lot of support from both the administration and parents. We together work as a team, sharing ideas and putting policies in place for the betterment of academics in the school. At the information corner, lies a poster with the words “behind every success, there must be a hard working student, a committed teacher and a supportive parent”. These are the words that inspires us and keeps us going.

We have been operating in a mean of eight point for quite some time now. This has become a matter of grave concern. In a nutshell, the work of the academic department is already cut out. To break the jinx of eight point by propelling the school to a mean of nine point. As our school motto goes, “thy kingdom come”, so do we look upon God almighty to be our guide and protector and lead us into achieving our dreams and aspirations as a school.


NAME:                   kHANDA Z. JACKSON


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